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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tails in the City Dog Model Contest. Vote & Help Us Choose A Winner!

Tails in the City Dog Model Contest
One of the highlights at the 6th annual Tails in the City Anniversary Party was the doggie model search contest.  Dogs of all shapes and sizes entered a contest with the grand prize being a chance to appear in a national ad campaign for Scooter's Friends, a feature on www.tailsinthecity.com, an exclusive poster, one night stay at Affinia Chicago for dog and owner, a Tails in the City gift certificate, a Bobbi Panter Gift Basket, and a Stella & Chewy's gift basket. 
Voting begins on Monday 5/17 and ends on Friday May 21.  Everyone is invited to participate. 

Take a look at all of the contestants and vote for your favorite:

1. Violet
2. Zaccheus

3. Frankie
4. Roxie

5. Pumpkin
6. Bella

7. Chester
8. Ty

9. Bentley
10. Patti

11. Daisy Marie
12.  Lily

13. Haruki
14. Lucy

15. Panther
16. Gigi

17. Sonny
18. Dylan

19. Stella
20. Ananda

21. Zuza
22. Gigi

23. Harley
24. Sophie

25. Victor
26. Gatsby

27. Didi
28. Gigi

29. Roxy
30. Axl

31. Lulu
32. Abbie

33. Greta
34. Tessa

35. Daisy May
36. Chewy

37. Daisy
38. Reggie

39. Misha
40. Sadie

41. Gidget
42. Sadie

43. Quin
44. Gigi

45. Bernie
46. Bailey

47. Bella
48. Ella

49. Mia
50. Bella

51. Hudson
52. Coco

53. Rex
54. Buster

55. Bailey
56. Cody

57. Chloe
58. Chloe

59. Baxter
60. Napoleon


mommyneedsadrink said...

Frankie is tails above the rest!

Erin said...

VOTE FOR BERNIE #45...and all of your dreams will come true!
Bernie’s life is a Cinderella Story … after being “discovered” and recruited by Canine Rescue Model and Talent Agents as a stray on the streets, Bernie now lives the life of a celebrity dog in the Gold Coast of Chicago.

Like most Chicago men, Bernie is a sports fanatic and has even started up a “Fantasy Fetch League.” He enjoys howling to the music of Snoop Dog and can also bark in seven languages.

Bernie is also politically active, and if voted the winner of CITY DOG MODEL he promises to bring hope to the canine community with free Pet Insurance for all species and a “Cash for Chokers” program where dogs can trade in their old choke collars for a luxury collar from Tails in the City.

llevy said...

Lucy is a civic minded, generous, loving, caring sophisticated woman born and raised in the Gold Coast.

Her favorite activity is chasing squirrels and rabbits on Astor Street while wearing "exclusive canine couture" from Tails in the City.

Lucy helped during the Obama election by each day wearing an I Love Obama, leash and collar. Lucy would cherish the honor to be voted CITY DOG MODEL and would represent her canine friends to the highest honor....

Juno said...

Vote for No. 5 Pumpkin!!! She is absolutely stunning!!

Momo & Pinot

Unknown said...

Chester (#7) is so cute...looks like a surfer. I bet he takes the pot

Unknown said...

This must be where we come and say vote for our dog :) So I will join in. Zaccheus is also a very special dog. Not only is he a cute little man but he is a big dog in that 3 pound body!He was reescued outside a hospital,His wild har matches his wild personality! He always has a kiss and a cuddle for his mom with cancer and a 3 year old little boy who travels to Chicago monthly for eye treatments to try and save his sight. If any dog is a Top dog #2 is it in our hearts!

Unknown said...

Chloe (#57!)has to be the most beautiful dog in Chicago and she knows how to party. i have ran into her at many Yappy Hours and see her playing in the park as well. Please vote for her. -dougy fresh

Unknown said...

I love Ananda No. 20 surely.

Erin said...

Heads Up!!! A source from the Animal Planet Network has revealed to sources that an old breeding tape with one of the female contestants has arisin! ;)

IronLinae, PhD said...

Bernie! #45

Unknown said...

Please VOTE for Bailey #55, He is a rare breed...Dandie Dinmont Terrier...don't see many of these little guys around.

He too was rescued from a no-kill shelter in Atlanata in 2004. He is sweetheart and has won many ribbions for the best kisser...He his a little doggie with a BIG personality.

Unknown said...

WOOF WOOF! Hi my name is Bella I am number 6 Im not crazy about my picture the photographer took of me, but everyone who has seen me knows I'm Big and I'm Beautiful!!!
I would like to take a moment to thank my friends at Tails in the City: Phil and Bruce for my accessories. They are to die for.
Everyone knows what fabulous taste they have and if you don't, you don't know what your missing!!! Also Happy Anniversary gentlemen, you really can throw a party!

Ginger said...

Sadie #42 is the most lovable, adoring, fun-filled Norfolk Terrier in Chicago. Norfolk Terriers are described as big dogs in small bodies. Sadie #42 lives up to this description. Her best friends are a Boxer, Bernese Mountain Dog and Giant Black Schnauzer. She's very affectionate and has brought many smiles to Alzheimer's patients in Chicago.

Vote for SADIE #42

Good luck everyone!

(P.S. @ dkosyluk - I don't think that Zuccheus or Daisy are cheating. It's easy to get such a response by a FB post, if they have enough friends. In fact it makes sense because people are more likely to respond to a post or e-mail when they receive it simultaneously with others. )

Unknown said...

dkosyluk.. I really must respond to this. I am not sure what "code thing" you are refering to but I thought we were allowed to go out and advertise and get people to vote? In my home even all my family members could not vote because my kids share 1 internet connection so only one of them could vote. I tested your theory this morning. and srry it will nto even allow my computer to vote a second time to cheat. But we have made flyers, which have been handed out at our vets, 3 hospitals that we attend. I have also made a plea on facebook which I update hourly and I have some email lists and homeschool groups and some fantastic church friends too.
And it is sad that I have to come on here and explain and defend my family.

Unknown said...

Erin your comment was too funny..It took me a moment to get the joke but once I did my family got a huge lugh from it :)

Vanessa I have never seen a Dinmont before, he is a good looking dog, I can see why you are so proud of him.

dkosyluk said...

Kelly in response to your reply congrats to the great job advertising. You can never be to sure these days with the internet and all.

Unknown said...

All loved dogs are the real winners, all are in the contest because they are loved. The number one loved dog is Roxie the boxer, contestant #4. Can't you see her "wanna play" grin?
She can capture your heart, take over your lap and love you back always and forever. She is beautiful inside and out.

KS said...

I felt the need to return this morning and leave a message. I came last night to vote after getting a flyer at a ice cream giveaway yesterday. I first went and checked out the dogs and scores so far. I went back to vote and the website errored out so I had to reload and suprisingly a dog farther down had gained over 100 votes in that minute! I can see why people think there is cheating going on. But to the lady I met yesterday. Keep up the good work, your kids and dog are delightful and deserve to win. Oh and the ice cream was Yummy!

Unknown said...

Thank you! It was a blast we had planned to go back out there today if it stops raining. Otherwise we are heading to the mall. Even if he doesn't win the Dog Model competition he is still the winner in our area! We have made a lot of friends while campaining this week! it is fun to see our 4 year old light up when he sees his dogs picture posted in a store window.

melissa said...

Go Daisy go! Vote for Daisy #37!
And yes Delilah..I am mardon family too and proud of it!! And No one in daisys family or circle of friends has cheated so
My own dog is entered and im still cheering for daisy and trying to get her votes!
GO #37! and all the dogs on here look AMAZING!! Love this contest!!
and cheers to all the commenters who actually have showed class in their comments..isnt that what tails in the city is all about..classy dogs and classy owners :)

k said...

there are definately words being put in my mouth. also, those are untrue facts, I do not know why this is being turned into a person competition - its a cute dog contest! :)

Unknown said...

Woah, now this is getting dumb. I own zaccheus and do not in any form work for Tails in the City! And i am not related to #37 either. I have seen comments since the second day about cheating. I have spent money and lots of time with my homeschooled kids handing out flyers, suckers and even ice cream. This was suppose to be a fun political lesson on how to get elected. I came home for lunch kids where all jumping to see how the score was from this morning, instead I get hit with this. We were going to head out for the final push. but I give up! It is NOT worth it!

melissa said...

kelly - i think thats awesome what you did with your kids..it sounds so fun! The way you campaigned and the way my fam and i campaigned for our dogs is what this contest was all about! : )

k said...

great job everyone! all loved dogs are winners! :)

Delilah said...

Kelly I have sent you a message with the Gods Honest truth. If you truly campaigned and are not involved in this I appologize for assuming so. I would be interested to know what Bruce and Phillip think of this. They seemed to always be genuinely nice and honest men.

Erin said...

I say "hug it out!" ;) Most people assumed that the event was to celebrate the success of the store and to raise money for the Anti-Cruelty Society. Bruce and Philip were extremely generous and did an amazing job of catering to and providing activities for their clients and pets to enjoy themselves, as well as donate to a great cause. I think most people entered the modeling contest because they knew the proceeds would go towards charity; and it was entertaining. Also... so what if a family connection wins an election? That's just typical Chicago politics ;)

Anonymous said...

No more need for cat fighting! The dogs would probably be ashamed! Congratulations to all of the dogs in the Top Model contest. Each clearly has a loving home and someone able to provide financially for them. Let's not forget the purpose of the event! Encourage as many people to rescue animals, whether it be from Anti Cruelty Society or somewhere else.